Saturday, 16 April 2011

Day 95

I've started rolling again. I still have a sore left arm, and this is due to my power balance band.....

That's right I've lost 1 of my power holograms so I am now officially unbalanced. When the power hologram came out it was covered in a slimy gel that power balance band (company not product, therefore lack have capitals) have suggested may aid in the possible positive affects that the power balance band could have on your sporting performance, on the other had it possibly could cause detrimental side effects such as hair loss, irritable bowl syndrome and cancer with prolonged exposure to the human skin*.

Does anyone else grapple, not only with sweaty men, but also with the daily chores associated to having long lustrous hair (mirror shine, cashmere touch) that is entirely inappropriate for grappling? Anyone else male? Didn't think so. Well I do and it's an absolute pain in the arse to roll with, especially with gi, people are either very caution when going for collar chokes, which isn't beneficial to my rolling, and I'm forever telling them, just take your grip and don't worry about grabbing my hair, or there is the other extreme when they use it as an extra grip to help secure me in place during a scramble.
Tying it up simply does not work. Or it does work for about 12 seconds until you actually engage and your head goes anywhere near their body parts, then it just comes lose. Multiple ties works better, I've been told that plates or braids are even better.... rest assured, I've not reached that level of desperation. I've gone for an entirely different route. A route that I think is so effective and stylish, that I predict by 2012 people will start growing their hair just to rock this fashion item on the mats

That's right. Rugby scrum cap. Stylish and practical. No more worrying about cauliflower ears, no more worrying about hair. Available in a range of colours, you can see I've opted for your more conservative black with silvery highlights, but I assure you garish orange is an option that people will be choosing in the future.

Finally here is a photo of everyone who gave up their Friday night to train Jiu-Jitsu at GB Bath this weekend.

* as with companies claims of improved performance, harmful effects of gel are not based on scientific evidence

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