Friday, 8 April 2011

Day 87

Today is my last day in Germany.
I am using this post to thank all the people who I have met here. Especially those of you I have trained with. I didn't go down to training this week because I find it fairly depressing to go to training when I can't roll. I definitely will return to Berlin, only for weekends though, and then I will come down and roll. And when I do roll I will do this move on every single person at the Budokan.... (2.35)

I'm not joking, I've watched those 20 seconds 28 times so far and I'm watching his instructional video so one day I will be that cool. I have shown this video to two non-grapplers (yes one was my girlfriend) and they were both distinctly non-plussed. How can you not be excited by that back take? I'm pretty sure my girlfriend described it: 'he did a break dancing move and then took his back.... is that it?' That could have signalled the end of us, but she saved herself by knowing a back take when she saw one. GOOD GIRL! (I'm just kidding, I love you)

So anyway thank you all for enriching my Jiu-Jitsu experience and for helping me move from being poor at German to being acceptable so that I can now right fluent on my CV and hope my interview isn't called Karl Lehmen. I now look forward to training solidly for the next two months for the Worlds. I will be moving around a lot so I won't be able to base my training at my home club (Gracie Barra Bath) as I would have liked, but I can take a positive from that. I will be experiencing a lot of different styles to prepare me for whoever I face in June.

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